How to Keep Your Transmission Healthy

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If you have a car, you should know how to keep your transmission running smoothly. The staff of Snider Transmission recommend taking the following steps to maintain it.

  1. Don’t forget to check your transmission fluid. You need to make sure its smell, level and color are right. You need to change it every two years unless you find any of those things are not what they should be.
  2. Pick the right kind of transmission fluid. There are different kinds and each kind of car needs a different kind of fluid. Find out what your car needs and buy that. If your car needs one that is more expensive, spend the extra money, it will be worth it.
  3. Don’t add too much fluid. You may think “more is better” but it is not. It can foam and that will make it inconsistent and could damage the transmission.
  4. Don’t weigh down your car with extra stuff. The more a car weighs, the harder the transmission has to work.
  5. The warm up step is critical if you live in a cold climate. If you warm up your car for about 30 seconds, you reduce the stress on the transmission, which can help it last longer.

There are ways to keep your transmission running at its optimal level. This will extend its life and save you a lot of money in repairs.

4 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

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Buying a used car is a good idea mainly because it can save you money. So if you are on a budget, you may want to check out used cars with low mileage for sale in your area. Here are four good reasons to buy a used car.

Get More for your Money

You can find a good used car for a really good price. If a car has been taken care of, it can still look new and you may have some warranty left. Also, car makers usually don’t upgrade their models yearly, but every few years, so your car may look just like the latest model.



When you buy a new car, it depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot and that can be in the thousands of dollars. During the first two years, it can depreciate as much as 30 percent. After the second year it levels out, so with a used car, there will be a slow rate of depreciation.


Lower Insurance Costs

This is a no-brainer because cheaper cars cost less to insure. Another point to consider is the cost of insurance after the car is paid for. If you are not making payments, you can drop the comprehensive insurance and just get liability.


Lower Registration Fees

Registration fees are based on the transaction price of the car. That means if you get a good deal, the registration fees will be even lower.

2 Reasons to Buy That “Junker” Cadillac

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When you find an old Cadillac for sale, the car of your dreams, it’s easy to get excited – until you realize it no longer runs. Junker Cadillacs are cheap, but you have to wonder if it’ll cost you many times more to fix it up – and if you can’t afford to fix it up, if it’ll wind up just decorating your garage or driveway. Snap it up fast, because you can get it working again.


Shopping for Parts Is Easy

Finding quality used Cadillac parts is simple when you know where to buy. An auto parts recycler that specializes in premium auto parts is sure to have everything you need. Stop by to look at what they have or browse their selection online. If you find a part you need, it’s easy to reserve it.

It’ll Cost Less Than You Think

When you can shop for parts from the convenience of your home, you won’t feel pressured to buy the first part you come across. That means you’ll only buy the most quality parts at the most affordable prices, which means it’ll cost less to fix up that Cadillac overall.

With online auto parts dealer catalogs, finding everything you need to get a Cadillac running again has never been simpler or more affordable. Don’t let the opportunity to be a Cadillac owner pass you by.

Buying the Right Used Car

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Your old car is on its last legs, and you don’t feel like pouring a small fortune into costly repairs. Although money’s a little too tight for a brand new vehicle, you’ve become interested in purchasing a quality pre-owned car. It seems like everyone has a horror story about buying a used car, but most pre-owned vehicles are in decent shape and perfectly reliable. When shopping around for a used car, take the following factors into account.

Low Level of Wear-and-Tear

It goes without saying that you’ll want your next vehicle to be in good condition. Just because a car is pre-owned doesn’t mean it has to be a junker. With this in mind, limit your choices to vehicles with minimal cosmetic damage and up-to-date parts. Additionally, look for cars that have been driven for under 100,000 miles.

Convenient Warranties

When purchasing a used vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that it’s protected. This is why it’s important to do business with a dealership that stands by its cars – like 509 Cars. If any problems occur with your vehicle, dealerships like these will go out of their way to remedy the issue at minimal cost to customers.

Replacing a vehicle doesn’t have to entail emptying out your bank account. An increasing number of budget-conscious motorists are perfectly satisfied with pre-owned cars.

Finding a Reputable Car Dealer

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Drive along any major roadway and there are numerous car dealerships in most metropolitan areas. If in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, how does a buyer know which location is a trusted, reputable car dealer? To start, the business should be a member on the community for many years. While staying in one location is not important, as the business could relocate based on expansion needs, it should be local to the area for many years and be known as an established, honest place to purchase vehicles.

Another key to finding a trusted dealer is its online presence. A business showing total clarity will have a strong online presence; showcasing the business’ history, testimonials and customer feedback, and online vehicle inventory. Vehicles displayed should have mileage, features, price, and a link to their online history reports. This type of transparency, before customers step into a business, will allow them to research desired autos and concentrate on the car buying process.

Finally, contact information is very important. A good car dealer wants a customer’s business and makes themselves easily accessible to the public. Again, having the same address, email, or telephone number long-term further supports its role of high customer service to the community.

If a business meets all of these qualifications, chances are good it is a very reputable car dealer.

Where to Take Your European Car to Get Worked On

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As most of you know, the automobile was created and gained extreme popularity in America, after the turn of the century. Even though automobiles can sometimes been viewed as specifically American, we forget that there are copious other car manufacturers that make automobiles that are just as great. Europeans have been known to produce some of the best cars in the world. If, you happen to own a European car, you might have trouble finding a place to work on it, or even look at it. The good news is that all your European car worries can be gone with EP Werks.

Since they specifically have tailored their business to European cars, they have only the best when it comes to parts and services. The professionals do pretty much everything including maintenance and repair, performance evaluation, and other services. Anytime you come in to get your car looked at, the first thirty minutes are free of charge, on the house. For those who are a little more experienced with their cars, you can get test your car to see how it will perform on the track. No matter what the need, it can be found with the right professionals looking.

Preserving Your Automobile’s Exterior Appearance

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While everyone cannot have access to the perfect climatic conditions or covered storage areas to preserve and extend the longevity of their vehicle’s paint and body, there are some steps auto owners can take to ensure a car’s outward appearance lasts as long as intended. Most vehicles today have are designed to operate problem-free for years. Wouldn’t you want your car’s paint and body to perform as good as what’s under the hood? Taking the time to visit an express car wash in Phoenix AZ can solve that problem.

The most important key to exterior vehicle preservation is prevention. With the sun, rain, wind and other elements all heating, cooling and blowing against an auto; having an exterior barrier of protection is important. That is why it is imperative all dirt, dust, bug debris and other materials be washed off your car on a weekly basis. In fact, if not cleaned off, some of these materials can degrade and seep into the car’s clear coat; making your car vulnerable to rust and affecting its value.

After washing, applying a wax to the car can help seal out dirt and grime; while adding a layer of protection to your auto’s exterior paint and body. In addition to treating the paint, don’t forget about treating tires with a protective barrier too; as elements can degrade tire materials over time.


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